Visualising Late Antiquity


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Visualising Late Antiquity is an academic research project at the University of Kent,  concieved by Dr Luke Lavan, undertaken with Dr Ellen Swift. Our work, focused primarily on the city, seeks to address a lack of public awareness of the late antique period.  Drawing on art, archaeology and ancient texts, the project aims to provide a scholarly basis for an inspiring  evocation of the urban form of the 4th to 6th centuries A.D.


Our team is composed of two academics, five doctoral students and two artists. More information about us can be found here. A short summary of the  individual PhD theses is available here. The project is supported by a research project grant provided by The Leverhulme Trust assisted by generous donations of private individuals.


The project began in 2011 and will run for three years before the publication of two monographs and several PhD theses. We will create both textual and visual reconstructions of late antique urban space to help people imagine the rich cultural world of late antique cities.


There are a number of external partners collaborating with the project and details of their work and how it fits within the project will be added in the future.

This website will continue to grow and provide further resources related to our work on the late antique city.