Support Us

If you would like to support our work please get in touch with Dr Luke Lavan

We have funding to create 13 architectural scenes and 10 figure images, but would like to extend the programme to produce a more comprehensive evocation of the late antique city, especially the eastern cities of Constantinople, Alexandria and Jerusalem. We would also like to make and purchase a range of late antique clothing and material culture to demonstrate in public lectures for museums and schools.

A figure image costs 500 GBP.

An architectural scene typically costs 2000 GBP.


We also need publication scholarships for the five graduate theses, each costing 4000 GBP

To develop our database into a publicly accessible resource would cost 4000 GBP.

The cost of clothing and artefacts varies, but per costume set an average figure is 1000 GBP.

Donations can be complemented with Gift Aid if given by a UK taxpayer.

We would be happy to give donors special access to our research, full size copies of the art, recognition in our published work and websites, and invitations to research presentations taking place over the coming years.